Name: Valencia

Birthdate: 15/01/1996

Age: 23

Marital status: young and beautiful

Children: no

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Hair: brunette

Eyes: grey

Build body: middle

Education: Theater College

Profession: Choreographer

Smokes: no

Languages: Spain, English

Location: Mexico City

Country: Mexico


Hello to you, handsome man. I am Valencia from the city of Mexico. I live alone in such a big city; my parents have a farm in the suburbs. Often I feel lonely in the evenings and therefore I decided to write an article here in order to find a soul mate that can make my life better. Tell us about yourself. I graduated from drama school, from elementary school I am engaged in dancing and now it has become my job. I am a choreographer and I have a group of children with whom I practice. I like it a lot and I want to do it all my life. I believe that sport is important for every person. If my future boyfriend goes in for sports, then this is very good. I believe that a man must be strong in order to be able to protect his family. This is not the most important thing; a man should also have many other useful qualities, for example, he should be kind, interesting and good at joking. Find a soul mate is very important, because it is a step for life. I take this seriously, but I also really want my loved one to wake up with me in the morning. I want to love, bring breakfast to bed and know that I am not alone.