Personal property insurance

Personal property insurance
Who can be the Insured?

A capable individual whose property interests are related to the possession, disposal, and / or exploitation of property that is in his private property, rent, or on other legal grounds.

What can be insured?

Any property belonging to the following groups:

apartments, private houses, garages, street constructions, other buildings and structures or their parts (including extensions and superstructures)
interior decoration
cabinet, soft, built-in and other furniture,
carpets, tapestries, lighting, paintings, crockery, wall / floor clocks,
refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, gas and electric cookers, microwave ovens, toasters, food processors, dishwashers,
TV sets, video and audio equipment, television game consoles, tape recorders, electric players, amplifiers, speakers, air conditioning systems, personal computers, uninterruptible power supplies, video surveillance systems, security systems,
clothing, hats, shoes, bags, briefcases, sports equipment
glass and mirrors.

“Fire” – a fire (including smoke that accompanies it, including the release of soot and corrosive gas, arson), lightning strike, explosion
“Natural Disasters” – storm, hurricane, squall, tornado, heavy rain, heavy rain, prolonged rain, heavy snowfall, flood, flooding, flooding, hail, landslide, landslide, failure, soil subsidence, karst depressions, mountain landslides, avalanches , earthquake, snow sticking (snow deposition), snow cover pressure, volcanic eruption,
“Water” – water outflow from water, sewer, heating and fire-fighting systems, including from adjacent rooms
“Theft” – theft, robbery, robbery,
“Illegal actions of third parties” – actions of third parties of purposeful unlawful nature, caused with the purpose of causing harm to the insured property,
“Transport damage” – direct contact with a self-propelled vehicle, the fall of a manned aircraft, its part or cargo transported by it,
“Breaking Glass” – breaking the glass elements of buildings, shop windows, mirrors.