Name: Nyung

Birthdate: 15/04/1998

Age: 21

Marital status: young and beautiful

Children: no

Height: 159 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Hair: brunette

Eyes: brown

Build body: thin

Education: no

Profession: housewife

Smokes: no

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Location: Hanoi

Country: Vietnam


What do you think about love at first sight? Personally, I think that such love is possible and it exists. My name is Nyung and I’ll tell you a little about myself to prove it. I am from Vietnam from the city of Hanoi. I am 21 years old and at that age it seems to me that I should think about my family. I’m not talking about creating a family, so far only about his second half. I want to feel a strong arm next to me in bed in the morning. I can remove the loneliness from you. I promise that your life next to me will turn into paradise. I was raised in a family where my mother creates comfort to her husband all her life. I will do the same, next to me a man will feel like a prince, but I hope that he will not use this, but will love me. All actions must come from the heart, with feelings. If our family is in harmony, then we both will feel good and will be able to build a real family in a few years, the children will be happy and our parents will look from the side and be happy. I hope that there are still guys in the world about whom I spoke. I really hope that you are like this and we will succeed!