Name: Georgette

Birthdate: 16/11/1995

Age: 23

Marital status: young and beautiful

Children: no

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 63

Hair: blonde

Eyes: green

Build body: middle

Education: Medical College

Profession: Nurse

Smokes: no

Languages: English, French

Location: Paris

Country: France


Hello to all. My name is Georgette and I am from the capital of love – Paris. Tell us about yourself. My parents have only one child – me. I study at the medical college as a nurse. From childhood I had a dream to save people and help them. And now, twenty years later, my dream has almost come true. Parents are proud of me because I study well and get a scholarship. Of course, like any girl, I want to meet my loved one. I want to find love, vivid emotions that bring me a relationship. I believe that a man loves not physically a woman, but the state in which a man is next to a woman. I think that I can make my man happy next to me. I promise that a man will always be pleased with me. We will be like a magnet for each other. The word “love” is very strong and you need to say it only when you are sure about a person. I will gladly show you the city in which I live. I’m sure he will make you fall in love. If you think that you are the same man to whom I can give all of myself, then write, I will be happy to talk with you, and I hope that we will be a great family in the future.