Name: Betari

Birthdate: 15/09/1996

Age: 22

Marital status: young and beautiful

Children: no

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Hair: brunette

Eyes: grey

Build body: middle

Education: no

Profession: writer

Smokes: yes

Languages: Indonesian, Malaysian, English

Location: Jakarta 

Country: Malaysia


ValenciaMy name is Betari. I am very friendly and love romance. I love autumn, books, rain and everything that causes the strongest emotions because I am a writer. I love smart people with whom I have something to talk about. I am looking for a man who will give me a romantic relationship that will inspire me to new stories and poems. The man – who can be the hero of the book. Most likely, I need a creative life partner with whom we can make literary history together. I’m looking for a man who will make me admire him, of course, our relationship should be long-term and we should have common views on life and common interests. I represent the ideal person like this. The two of us lie in a warm bed under a blanket and talk for hours on various topics, together time flies by. We do not notice the world around us, but rather even the two of us are in our magical world in which the two of us are very good together. An ideal person is one I never want to part with. I need a person to whom I can devote my life, and he will devote his life to me.