Name: Adela

Birthdate: 05/09/1996

Age: 22

Marital status: young and beautiful

Children: no

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue

Build body: middle

Education: no

Profession: florist

Smokes: no

Languages: dutch, deutsch, english

Location: Amsterdam

Country: Holland


Hi, my name is Adela. My parents are farmers and I help them. We live near Amsterdam in Holland. We have a big farm of flowers and I love to grow flowers. We mainly grow tulips, but there are many other types of flowers. If you want, I’ll show them to you. I know that as a person I have already taken place because this farm will give a good income throughout my life. And I, like any girl, have a great desire to start a family. That is why I am writing this article on this site. If you are a beautiful, intelligent guy who knows what he wants from life, then I don’t mind talking to you more closely. I find real pleasure in nature. I also like interesting places such as cinema, theaters, and I also like to listen to music of the 70s, jazz and blues trends. I am a simple girl, without urban requests. I hope that we will get along with you. Write to me if I could interest you. Maybe I’m the one that will be near all my life.